1. hi
    i have -6 no in both of my eyes and i am wearing glasses from the age of 10 and now i am 24. Can my power of glasses be reduced ?

  2. Thanks for the info cant wait to try it out.

  3. Pls note that I cant see clearly and notice a shade when I see things at far distance. As for near I can see wearing glasses of +10

    • Evgania Mehler says:

      That’s where natural vision improvement comes in… it’ll help you to improve clarity and your ability to read. Watch the free video series above.

  4. Evgania Mehler says:

    yes, 1 in each eye is very low and can be cured in weeks.With love,Evgania

  5. hi i just want to ask if i can back my vision because i had 1 in each eye (myopia) sorry for my bad english language


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