1. Nitin Jain says:


    My father is 68 years old and he has lost his vision due to Gluacoma, I want to know that can it be recovered now? he has got operated but still vision went down and today he has become blind man.



    • Hi Nitin,

      sorry to hear that! To be honest, I don’t know, if it will help him now.

      The only thing you can do is try it. Chances are still there, but part of it relies on him wanting to improve (sub-consciously, so below level of awareness).

      He has nothing to lose now, but he for sure can regain his vision, if he really wants to.

      Lots of love,

  2. I am in Nigeria do you have your products for natural treatment of glaucoma here

    • Hi Alfmay,

      thanks for your questions. Our course is delivered online, so available anywhere in the world.

      It’s best to start with the free test available here on the page.

      Lots of love,

  3. Dear Evgania,

    My wife has Glaucoma. So we check with many eye doctors. However, some are still confused whether there is Glaucome or not, even though the symptoms are matching. She was recommended to take Betagan eye drops and has been using them for one year now.

    Then another eye doctor told her to stop the drops, so she did.

    I’m very confused by the mismatch of advise, who should I consult?

    Please advise,
    DB Rai

    • Dear DB Rai,

      since you get so many confusing diagnosis, you have to decide who to trust. If no glaucoma can be found, it might be worth to explore more natural alternatives to eye drops.

      Download our free vision improvement toolkit here on this page and see how your wife can implement these tips into her life to cure glaucoma naturally, or whatever she is dealing with.

      I have a strong feeling that there is something else underlying her situation.

      Lots of love,

  4. will ganfort drops (300 micrograms/ml+ 5mg/ml eye drop solution bimatoprost/timolol) work to regulate glaucoma?

    • Hi Nargis,

      you won’t find eye drops or reference to eye drops on this website. If you use drops, and feel that’s the right way for you, you have to consult a dully licensed medical practitioner.

      What we are sharing on this website is natural way to prevent, improve, and cure glaucoma. No guarantees are given for anything on this website, that is illegal for us to do. The methods and techniques described here have help others to cure glaucoma naturally, but you have to try things for yourself to stabilize your condition.

      My advice would be to go through our free toolkit here, and put the tips in there to test and see how you go. If you are on medication, don’t go of it without consulting your doctor, or do it at your own risk.

      Lots of love,

  5. What if you suffer from glaucoma when your eye pressure is within normal limits.
    The so called non specific glaucoma.

    • Hi Toolke,

      thanks for your message! I would strongly recommend that you download the free vision improvement toolkit here on this page because you’ll need to learn about ways to keep yourself healthy!

      Eye problems and glaucoma are only a symptom of other things going on in your body and in your health. My best bet would be that you have too much stress in your life and feel too much pressure, which then manifests itself in the same symptoms as glaucoma, even though you don’t have the condition in measurable terms.

      Read the reports, watch the videos, and they’ll help you ton with your issues.

      Lots of love,

  6. Mrs sudeshna Chetri says:

    Ms Sargam Chhetri DOB:-6th November 1996

    According to 2004,Ms sargam chhetri(my daughter) have Congenitial Rubelie Syndrome in both her eyes,.she had undergone Lensectomy in both eyes in 1998 and Trab+Mito twice in Both eyes and again Retrab+ Mito in left eye on 1997and 1998 respectively.The birth history revealed a premature delivery with maternal infection of Rubella during pregnancy with a birth weight of 1.6kg and normal milestones.
    On examination,her visual acuity was 6/60,N12 in the right eye and counting fingers @2m,N36 in the left eye.Extraocular movements were full,free and painless.Slit lamp examination of right eye showed a cystic bleb.Cornea was clear.She was aphakic.The left eye showed a scarred bleb and an opaque cornea.Intraocular pressure by Tonopen was 14mm of HG in right eye and 42MM of Hg in left eye.Fundus examination of the right eye was within normal limits .There was no view of fundas in the left eye.

    She has been through with all these operations at SANKARA NETHRALAYA,CHENNAI .Since she was a 2months baby till 2.5yrs old child .

    Recently in 30th June 2009,there was an A.G.V. Implantation under GA in her left eye.Still she is under the medication of SUSRUT EYE FOUNDATION & RESEARCH CENTRE in Kolakta. But no improvement is there in her left eye, and her right eye is now perfect BUT in comparison with her left eye because there is no pressure(normal).
    Plz Note** After Catract operation they have removed the lense from her right eye.

    Thanking You
    With Lots of Hope:
    Mrs Sudheshna Chhetri

    • Evgania Mehler says:

      Dear Sudeshna Chetri,

      with such a history after premature delivery, I’d strongly recommend that you go and see a very experienced chiropractor that also does NETs. I think your daughter would greatly benefit.

      With love,


  7. Dear friendI dont understant what you mean but i need to cure my open angel glaucoma naturally now please guide me what to to cure it ?thank yousaaid

  8. Evgania Mehler says:

    Hi Saaid,yes, you can cure open angle glaucoma completely and without side-effects, totally natural. All you need is some patience. Glaucoma takes a bit longer than other eye conditions.With love,Evgania

  9. Dea sirHave you open angel glaucoma cure natural herbals ? that can reallt treat mentioned glaucoma type completly without side effects please ?Iam really to pay by Pay paypal the costs .thank you very muchsaaid Norway

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