1. Hello,

    I would really like to know what the alternatives are for my 3.5yr old daughter. Is this information in the video at the top please?

    My daughter has just been diagnosed with lazy eye and astigmatism and then we were handed a prescription for glasses and sent on our way! There has been little explanation or discussion offered and I feel that the NHS in general are only ever concerned with treating the effect and not the cause.

    Lianne x

    • Hi Lianne,

      there are a lot of things you can do to correct astigmatism naturally, the question is what the cause is.

      Download the Free Vision Improvement Toolkit on this page for ideas and things that could cause the problem. Also, I’d strongly recommend to see a chiropractor with your daughter, rather than starting with glasses that easily.

      Lots of love,

  2. Angela Cabral says:

    hello!!can i ask what are the eye exercises that you’ve mentioned in this article?/i want to try it with my kids..they are 8 yrs old and 4 yrs old..both are diagnosed with astigmatism 3.50 x 180…im quite sad about this and want to help them as much as i can aside from the purchasin of corrective lens…pls help..thanks you

  3. sampathherath says:

    My daughter is 6 yrs. Today I came to know that she has astigmatism. I am clue less.Please help.

  4. I’m curious. I would love to be able to correct my astigmatism.

  5. my daughter who just got her vision exam completed for her kinder garten was told that she has astigmatism with -.5 and -2.5 on each eye. would like to know of the natural cure.

  6. thank u

  7. When I was about eight years old I needed reading glasses. It took a couple years of not wanting to wear them all of the time for my eyes to correct themselves. Several years went by and I had no eye problems. Then, three years ago my eyes developed astigmatism. I was prescribed corrective lenses, which have helped; but with the eye infections I get every year force me not to wear them a couple days each infection. I would like to correct my eyes naturally, because honestly glasses are starting to bug me. With all of the coatings on them, cleaning is impossible. There is always one or two smudges that won’t budge. I would like to know what exercises I can do to correct my astigmatism?

    • Evgania Mehler says:

      Hi Marlene,

      please watch the free video series and that will answer your question. Astigmatism is actually the easiest condition to improve naturally.

      With love,


  8. Backstreet_ says:

    you mean that in order to correct it we must read and read and read?

    • Evgania Mehler says:

      well, it depends on if you want to understand how it all works, but a getting some background information surely doesn’t do harm… up to you!

  9. Evgania Mehler says:

    Astigmatism is not the same as lazy eye, and both can be cured for sure. Especially in a young child! Don't start with glasses, there are alternatives. If you start with glasses for your daughter now, she'll be stuck with them for the rest of her life. It disgusts me how fast eye doctors hand out glasses to kids and get them a recurring customer for life…There are many alternatives!With love,Evgania

  10. sankar amrita says:

    i am satisfied wid u……………

  11. Hi, my daughter aged 4 has just been diagnosed to have astigmatism (L- 3.5; R-2.5). The doctor also said she has lazy eyes. My question is astigmatism the same as lazy eyes and can both eyes be lazy?

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