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Author: Veit Mehler

Veit Mehler helps people with eye problems to improve their vision naturally. Without glasses, contacts, or eye surgery.He is the co-founder of the Pure Vision Method™. The first and only holistic eyesight improvement program that allows you to get rid of your glasses naturally, fast, and effectively. No matter what condition, or how strong your glasses are right now.


  1. My name is Azhar & I am a 19 year old located in Southern Africa .. I have been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember but its a rather unusual case of astigmatism , the lens on my glasses has forever been extremely thick like a magnifying glass .. I never use them because I am too embarassed & I just want to be normal .. I cannot do anything to the best of my abilities yet I have so much of potential .. It is a sensitive topic & there is nobody around to talk to that would not look at me as if I'm "abnormal" .Lasik is just too expensive so I just need a solution to overcome this curse ..
    Thank you

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